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    The hotel is built with natural materials that are not found in other hotels. The concept of “slowly getting better with age. We offer guest rooms that provide a more on-demand stay, without being bound by rules, according to the style of those staying at the hotel.

    Essence of Kyoto

    The essence of Kyoto’s atmosphere is captured in the design of the hotel, which is the essence of pure Japanese architectural techniques and the breath of nature.

    The wall paintings are by Japanese painter Yasunori Fukui. The paintings of flowers and trees with a uniquely Japanese flavor, such as cherry blossoms and pine trees, add a sense of peacefulness to the rooms. The paintings are made with homemade paints made from soil and stones, and are truly born from nature.
    Other ‘Essence of Kyoto’ is sprinkled throughout, such as the tiles with shimmering surfaces and the wicker-woven headboard, depending on the size and type of room.

    Circadian Light.

    A proprietary, comfortable-sleep lighting system is installed in all rooms (patent pending).
    We help you sleep and wake up comfortably.


    A space to cherish the moments with the person you love.