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    Handling of Personal Information

    BIOSTYLE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) manages the personal information of our customers appropriately and pays the utmost attention to prevent leakage, loss and damage.

    Scope of this policy

    ・The Privacy Policy applies to your use of this website and does not apply to sites operated by other companies.
    ・This website may provide links to other websites, but the privacy policy does not apply to those sites. However, the privacy policy of those sites is not applicable to the linked sites.

    Terms and Conditions

    This Privacy Policy explains the handling of personal information on this website, and by using this website, you are deemed to have fully understood and agreed to the contents of this Privacy Policy. By using this website, you are deemed to have fully understood and agreed to the contents of this privacy policy.

    How we collect and use your personal information

    The personal information collected from our customers will be used for the following purposes

    ・To be used by the Company to provide products and services to customers
    ・To accurately inform customers of services, new products and other information
    ・To contact you if necessary.
    ・For marketing activities.
    ・To develop and improve products and services

    Disclosure of information to third parties

    We will not disclose registered personal information to any third party without the consent of the customer, except in the case of shared use or entrustment to a subcontractor. In addition, we may disclose your personal information without your permission when we are required to do so by law, or when it is reasonably determined that such disclosure is necessary to protect or defend the rights, property, or safety of our company and our customers.

    Procedures for Disclosure of Personal Data in Custody

    Please click here for details.

    Contact for inquiries about retained personal data

    Keihan Shijo Kawaramachi Building 5F, 338 , Tominaga-cho, Shijo Sagaru, Kawaramachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City
    Biostyle, Co., Ltd.

    (Office hours: 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 *except for Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and year-end and New Year holidays)

    Procedures for Disclosure of Personal Data in Custody

    To request disclosure, etc., please send or bring the prescribed Request for Disclosure, etc. form, documents necessary for identification and a fee (only in the case of notification or disclosure of the purpose of use), and send or bring it by postal mail or by registered mail to the point of contact for personal data in possession (hereinafter referred to as the “point of contact”). The disclosure shall be made in writing and mailed to the person’s address by simplified registered mail.

    Documents required for the request

    (1 ) Request for Disclosure, etc. of Personal Data Held by the Company (PDF:135KB)
    Please click to download and print the form, fill in the required information, and affix your seal. If you cannot download the form, please contact the reception desk.
    (2 ) Documents to be submitted for identification
    Please enclose a copy of one of the following. In each case, please make a copy of the part of the document that has your name and address on it.
    ・Driver’s license
    ・A government-issued photo ID (or a personal identification card, if the card is a personal number card, only its face)
    ・Health insurance card
    ・pension book
    If you affix your personal seal to the Request for Disclosure, etc. form in (1) above, you may also attach an original seal registration certificate in place of either of the above documents.

    Requests for disclosure, etc. by proxy

    In addition to the documents listed in (1) and (2) above, the following documents (A or B) must be enclosed

    A.In the case of a legal representative
    (a) Documents proving that you have the right of legal representation
    If you are a legal representative of a minor: Certificate of registered matters in the certificate of residence
    In the case of a legal representative of an adult ward:Certificate of registered matters concerning such adult guardianship
    (b) Documents confirming the identity of the legal representative
    The same set as (2) above.
    B.In the case of an authorized representative
    (a) Power of attorney.
    In the case of a proxy by Delegation
    (b) Documents confirming the identity of the representative
    The same set as (2) above.

    Fees for disclosure, etc.

    Requests for notification of the purpose of use or disclosure of retained personal data will incur a fee of 1,000 yen per request. Other requests for disclosure, etc. are free of charge.
    Payment Method
    Please enclose a flat-rate money order for 1,000 yen with the required documents. You can also pay in cash at the reception desk.

    Matters to be noted

    (1) If the prescribed request documents (including identity verification documents) are incomplete, we may not be able to disclose the information.
    (2) Disclosure may not be made if the fee is insufficient or is not enclosed.
    (3) If a proxy is requesting disclosure, etc., we will not disclose the information if we are unable to confirm the proxy’s authority of representation. We may contact the person in question to confirm the authority of representation.
    (4) When making a request for disclosure, etc., please specify the personal data in possession.
    (e.g. details of transactions with the Company, direct mailings sent by the Company, etc.)
    In the case of a request for “correction, etc.” or “suspension of use, etc.”, you must first request “disclosure” and then specify the specific personal data in question.
    (Please note that a fee of 1,000 yen will be charged for the “disclosure” in this case.
    (5) Please note that it may take some time to receive the disclosure documents due to the verification of personal data.
    (6) If, as a result of the investigation, the subject personal data is no longer in our possession, we will inform you of this, but the required fee will not be returned.
    (7) If there is a risk of harm to the life, body, property, or other rights and interests of the individual or a third party, if there is a significant impediment to the proper execution of our business, or if there is a violation of laws and regulations, all or part of the personal data will not be disclosed, and we will notify you of this, but even in this case, the prescribed fee will not be refunded.
    (8) The personal information provided in this request for disclosure, etc. will be used within the scope necessary for the disclosure process, including identification, verification of personal data, and communication with the individual or his/her representative. The request documents will not be returned.


    We have appointed DataRep as our data protection representative for the EU and UK. Any queries requiring the input of our representative should be directed to them as follows:
Sending an email to DataRep at datainquiry@datarep.com  quoting in the subject line;
    Using the  online webform at www.datarep.com/data-request/;
Mailing your request to the following address
    Data Protection Representative Limited
    DataRep, 72 rue de Lessard, Rouen, 76100, France
    DataRep, 107-111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB, United Kingdom

    Hotel Terms of Use

    In order to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for our guests, the following terms and conditions have been established in accordance with Article 10 of the Accommodation Agreement.
    If you do not comply with these terms and conditions, we will be forced to deny your stay or use of the hotel’s facilities, and may ask you to take responsibility for your actions.

    Please take special note of the following fire prevention rules

    1. Please do not bring in or use fireplaces for heating or cooking in the hotel.
    2. All rooms are non-smoking. If you wish to smoke in the hotel, please use the designated smoking areas. Please note that the designated smoking areas in the hotel are not available for nighttime use.
    In the event that smoking is observed in the room, a cleaning fee of 50,000 yen will be charged separately from the room rate.
    3. Please do not do anything that could cause a fire.
    4. Please do not touch the firefighting equipment, etc. unless it is an emergency.

    Please do not touch the firefighting equipment, etc. unless in an emergency.

    1. Please make sure your door is locked when you leave your room during your stay.
    2. Please make sure your door is locked when you are staying in your room and especially when you go to bed. Do not open the door carelessly when a visitor comes in. In the unlikely event that you suspect a suspicious person, please contact the front desk immediately.
    3. Please do not have visitors in your room.
    4. When you leave your room during your stay, please take your room key with you and make sure that it is locked.

    Do not engage in any activities that are not permitted in your room.

    1. Please do not bring any items into the hotel that may cause trouble for other guests.
    1-1. Dogs (excluding guide dogs, hearing dogs, assistance dogs and other dogs for the disabled), cats, small birds and other pets.
    1-2. filthy and foul-smelling items
    1-3. Explosives, gasoline and other flammable substances
    1-4. Guns and swords that are not legally permitted to be possessed
    2. Do not gamble, engage in behavior that is disturbing to public morals or public order, or cause trouble for other guests in the hotel.
    3. You must not use the Hotel’s facilities and equipment for any purpose other than that for which they were intended.
    4. Do not attach any foreign objects to the hotel’s buildings or equipment, or alter the existing conditions.
    5. Do not open the windows of your room except in an emergency.
    6. Please do not display items by the windows that could detract from the appearance of the hotel.
    7. Please do not use the guest rooms and lobby for purposes other than lodging, such as offices and business offices.
    8. You must not distribute advertisements or promotional materials to other guests or sell goods within the hotel.
    9. You must not deliver or order food or drink from outside the hotel.
    10. Do not leave your belongings in the hallways or lobby.
    11. Please do not leave your nightie or slippers on in your room.

    The contents of these rules are subject to change without notice.

    Please be aware that these rules are subject to change without notice.