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    Efforts toward SDGs

    Our initiatives for ‘GOOD NATURE’

    For the health and happiness of body, mind, community, society, and the planet. Without ever pushing beyond our limits, we strive to create sustainable product development and facility operations that are enjoyable and comforting.

    We believe in 5GOOD.

    The criteria for selection at GOOD NATURE are:

    “Is it good for the body?” … GOOD for Health
    “Is it good for the mind?” … GOOD for Minds
    “Is it good for the community?” … GOOD for Locals
    “Is it good for society?” … GOOD for Social
    “Is it good for the planet?” … GOOD for Earth

    Efforts toward SDGs

    We contribute to achieving the SDGs by proposing 5GOOD products and activities. These efforts are certified under the ‘BIOSTYLE PROJECT,’ promoted by the Keihan Group, along with relevant SDGs objectives.


    In the Keihan Group companies, we are engaged in the “BIOSTYLE PROJECT” to contribute to achieving the SDGs. The “BIOSTYLE PROJECT” aims to realize a lifestyle that is healthy, beautiful, and of high quality, contributing to a circular society. It focuses on incorporating activities into daily life that are good for both people and the planet, promoting a bright and sustainable society where such practices are enjoyable and sustainable, rather than restrictive or burdensome.

    Established in April 2020, the “BIOSTYLE PROJECT Guidelines” introduced the Keihan Group’s unique certification system, advancing efforts across the entire group towards achieving the SDGs.

    Turning food waste into agricultural fertilizer.

    The issue of food loss, a challenge that should be tackled by society as a whole, is addressed at GOOD NATURE STATION by composting food waste generated at the facility and utilizing it as agricultural fertilizer. Together with local farmers, we are committed to establishing a circular agricultural system. With the support of the NPO Japan Food Recycling Network Kansai Branch, food waste from restaurants and facilities is composted on-site using composters. The fermented and decomposed food waste, processed by microorganisms, is further matured and composted at Omi Enten Farm, where it is used as fertilizer for pesticide-reduced and organic farming practices. The rice harvested from this process, known as “Enkou Rice,” is sold within the facility and served in restaurants, creating a sustainable cycle of rice production.

    Upcycled original cocoa tea.

    RAU, the sweets brand under the GOOD NATURE STATION original label, offers bean-to-bar chocolates in hotel guest rooms. RAU’s chocolates are made from cocoa beans imported through fair trade from farms in Costa Rica. During their production process, cocoa husks are upcycled by GOOD NATURE MARKET, another original brand of GOOD NATURE STATION, to create cocoa tea, ensuring no part of the cocoa goes to waste. Both the room chocolates and cocoa tea embody a full circle of sustainability, derived from activities benefiting society. We invite you to savor them while experiencing their unique story.

    100% Naturally Derived
    Original Organic Cosmetics Brand

    The cosmetics brand ‘NEMOHAMO,’ created exclusively for GOOD NATURE STATION, offers skincare products that are gentle on both the skin and the environment. Produced in the picturesque area of Ashiya-cho, Fukuoka Prefecture, facing the Genkai Sea, NEMOHAMO utilizes various plants, including organically grown Otane-ninjin (Japanese ginseng), harvested from their own certified organic JAS farm and the adjacent satoyama (traditional Japanese rural landscape). These ingredients are used in their products without unnecessary additives, ensuring they are 100% naturally derived organic cosmetics. Available not only for experience during hotel stays but also for purchase at the ‘NEMOHAMO’ shop on the 3rd floor of the hotel.

    The entire facility operates on 100% renewable energy.

    Starting from the fiscal year 2023, we will begin purchasing certificates of non-fossil origin to certify that all electricity used in facilities, including GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO, is generated from methods that do not emit carbon dioxide. This transition will ensure that 100% of our electricity usage across all buildings is sourced from effectively renewable energy (*). Currently, we are already implementing various measures to reduce energy consumption, such as using high-efficiency equipment for lighting and machinery, energy-saving through motion sensors, setting standards for shower water pressure and water conservation, utilizing hot water from power generation and waste heat, as well as generating electricity through solar panels.

    (*) The purchase of non-fossil certificates and similar measures are considered to offset environmental impact to achieve a net-zero balance, thereby categorized as “effectively renewable energy.”

    Our efforts towards local production and consumption.

    We collaborate with local producers in and around Kyoto who have a passion for crops, crafts, and processed foods, incorporating their products into our facility for sale. Occasionally, we organize events such as harvest experience tours, guiding our guests to the producers’ locations. These initiatives celebrate Kyoto’s longstanding traditions of respecting nature and integrating its wisdom into daily life, offering insights for a more comfortable lifestyle. By practicing ethical consumption and contributing to sustainable community development, we aim to create a more sustainable society through these efforts.

    Our efforts toward reducing plastic use.

    We are tackling the challenge of reducing plastic use, focusing on using stylish and eco-friendly packaging and containers for amenities and other products. Our theme is “Fashionable and Earth-friendly Packaging.” We have introduced initiatives such as the Butterfly Cup, which is plastic-free, as well as reusable cutlery and chopsticks made from bioplastics, and stirrers reused from wooden twigs. These may seem like small actions for the planet, but we are committed to continuously striving until eco-friendly packaging becomes the norm.

    Additionally, driven by our belief that hotels with a high turnover of disposable amenities should lead change, since our opening in 2019, we have refrained from providing disposable plastic toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and razors in guest rooms. Instead, we minimize amenities as much as possible.

    A sustainable stay environment that embraces greenery and nature.

    The hotel interior, including guest rooms designed to pursue comfort for both mind and body, features elements deeply rooted in environmental sustainability. The central courtyard, accessible to all guests, replicates Kyoto’s flora with a lush “green wall” of Takedakazura and incorporates a “dry landscape” in place of water features, meeting WELL certification standards. Located in the bustling heart of Kyoto at Shijo-Kawaramachi, the courtyard provides a serene escape surrounded by greenery and nature, expressing the essence of Kyoto’s cultural identity.

    Incorporate “GOOD NATURE” into your daily life.

    Our aim is to integrate activities that contribute to achieving a circular economy into daily life in a fun and effortless manner. While the slogan “kind to the Earth, healthy living” addresses a global concern and aspiration, it can also evoke a sense of austerity and rigidity. That’s why we believe it’s important to approach this lifestyle with ease and authenticity, letting go of unnecessary stress. Our goal is for experiences here to inspire thoughts about “GOOD NATURE” in everyday life, and we undertake various initiatives with the hope that they serve as catalysts for considering sustainability in multiple aspects of daily life.