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    Kyoto Experiences



    Enjoy Sake and side dishes at Izakaya in Nishiki Market, and walk through Pontocho

    JPY 15,000/head

    2(Maximum Participants 4)

    3 hours

    10:00AM / Good Nature Hotel Lobby (4F)

    13:00PM / Near Daimaru department store

    Age limit: Over 20years old
    Remarks: The price of 2 glasses of Sake with 2 kinds of Japanese side dishes or a glass of Japanese whiskey with a beef skewer at a standing Izakaya is included in the tour fee. You can order additional drinks and foods, but they are not included in the tour fee.

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    Tour Detail

    Nishiki Market, one of the most popular places in Kyoto, is located just a short walk from Good Nature Hotel. On this tour, you will not just pass through Nishiki Market and look at the stores, but rather enter the stores and enjoy drinking Sake and eating side dishes while conversing with the guide and the shopkeepers. You can also learn about Kyoto’s food culture, such as fermented foods, and Sake. Licensed interpreter tour guide certified by Kyoto City will guide you.


    • Enjoy drinking Sake and eating Kyoto’s local foods as side dishes with an interpreter tour guide at a standing Izakaya in Nishiki Market, which is called the “Kitchen of Kyoto”.
    • Learn about Kyoto’s fermented food culture and enjoy shopping at a long-established Japanese pickle shop* in Nishiki Market.
    • Visit the oldest Sake shop in Nishiki Market. You will be briefed on Sake and enjoy shopping for various types of Sake.
    • Pass through Pontocho, one of Kyoto’s five flower districts(Geiko and Maiko districs), and its back streets.
    • Cross the Shijo-ohashi Bridge, you will see the beautiful Kamo River flowing by the Kitayama Mountains.
    • Visit Nishiki-Tenmangu Shrine, where the god of learning is enshrined.


    Kamo River and Shijo-ohashi Bridge

    Kamo River

    The Kamo River is a 23-km river that runs north to south through the center of Kyoto City.nIt has nurtured the history and culture of Kyoto, the capital of a thousand years, and the lives of Kyoto people.nThe banks of this river, where you can fully enjoy nature, are also a popular place for relaxation.nIn this tour, we will cross the Shijo-ohashi Bridge over the Kamo River.nFrom this bridge, you can see the beautiful Kitayama mountains, the Minamiza Theater, Yasaka-jinjya Shrine, and other famous Kyoto landmarks.



    There are five Kagai(flower town, Maiko and Geiko district) in Kyoto, and Pontocho is one of them.nPontocho is located between the Kamo River and Kiyamachi Street on the east side of Shijo-Kawaramachi, the most popular entertainment district in Kyoto.nThe small alleyways are lined with tasteful buildings and offer a unique view of Kyoto.nFrom May to September, more than 90 restaurants along the Kamo River will build stilt terrace seating at their restaurants.nThis is a summer tradition in Kyoto and one of the city’s traditional cultures.nIf you are lucky, you may be able to meet Maiko or Geiko.nPontocho is not only home to traditional restaurants, but also to restaurants and bars with a modern design.

    Nishiki-Tenmangu Shrine

    Nishiki-Tenmangu Shrine

    Nishiki-Tenmangu Shrine is believed to be the god of wisdom, literature, and prosperous business.nAs a Shinto shrine located directly in front of Nishiki Market, it is well known not only by local residents but also by visitors from Japan and abroad, and attracts many worshippers.nAlthough the shrine is located in the middle of the city of Kyoto, flowers bloom from season to season, and u0022Nishiki Water,u0022 a famous spring water, gushes out from the ground.nThe Karakuri Omikuji(written oracle) is very popular. When people approach, Kagura (Shinto music and dance) starts playing and lion dancer begin dancing. When a coin is inserted, the lion carries the Omikuji(written oracle) for you.

    Nishiki Market

    Nishiki Market

    Nishiki Market is located in the central area of Kyoto City and is known as u0022Kyoto’s Kitchenu0022.nAlthough there is no official record, it is said that the Nishiki Market began as a fish market in the late 8th century.nNishiki Koji, with a street width of approximately 3 meters, is lined with more than 130 stores, including fruit and vegetable stores, fresh fish stores, liquor stores, and Japanese pickle stores, stretching approximately 390 meters from east to west, and is bustling with activity throughout the year. There is no other place where visitors can experience Kyoto’s food culture all at once.nThe market’s food culture is supported in part by the quality of its groundwater.nKnown as u0022Nishiki Wateru0022. this groundwater, which is kept at a temperature of 15 to 18 degrees Celsius throughout the year, is the water that has supported u0022Kyoto’s Kitchenu0022. In the past, it was used to preserve perishable foods, and many people still use it today.nYou can sense that Kyoto’s culture is in harmony with nature.nn*Eating while walking is prohibited at Nishiki Market.

    Japans pickle store Takakuraya and Japanese-style standing bar Gabana


    Takakuraya is a long-established Japanese pickle store located in Nishiki Market.nJapanse pickles are issued food with rich taste, flavor, and preservation by dipping vegetables and other ingredients in salt, soy sauce, miso, vinegar, sesame, rice bran, sake lees, etc. They are rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, and other nutrients.nIn this tour, you will receive an explanation about Japanese pickles, a fermented food representative of Kyoto’s food culture, and enjoy shopping.nYou will also enjoy drinking Sake and eating Kyoto’s local foods as side dishes with an interpreter tour guide at a standing Izakaya(Japanese-style bar) with our interpreter-guide.

    Liquor store Tsunoki Shuho

    Liquor store Tsunoki Shuho

    Founded in 1787, Tsunoki Shuho is the fourth oldest store in Nishiki Market, and has been in business for over 230 years.nThe current owner, Teruo Fujii, is the eighth generation.nThe store is filled with Kyoto’s locally brewed Sake, rare local Sake(*1), collected by the owner from his visits to breweries(*2) all over Japan, and foreign liquors.nThe store sells about 200 types of liquors.nDuring this tour, you can stop by Tsunoki Shuho and receive an explanation about the history of the store and Sake and enjoy shopping. If you are lucky, you will be able to talk with current owner.nn(*1)Sake breweries with regional characteristicsn(*2)Sake made with the characteristics of the region.