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    Kyoto Experiences


    [Group] Learning Kyoto’s food culture in Gion

    Lunch at Saiki, an upscale Ryotei restaurant in Gion, and a lecture by the chef on Kyoto’s food culture.

    JPY 22,000/head

    4 (Maximum Participants 7)

    3 hours

    10:30AM / Good Nature Hotel Lobby (4F)

    13:30PM / West gate of Yasaka Shrine

    Remarks: Included in the price of this tour are the following
    *Cost of Kyoto cuisine lunch at Saiki. You can order additional beverages (including beer and sake) and meals for an extra charge.
    Age limit: Participants must be 16 years old or older.

    ! Allergie CAUTION ! The lunch menu consists of seafood-based dishes, so we kindly request that individuals with seafood allergies refrain from booking. Additionally, please be aware that the dishes contain wheat flour and soy, so individuals with wheat or soy allergies are also advised against making a reservation.

    This is A REQUEST for a reservation for the tour.
    As soon as the guide is confirmed, we will send you an email with payment instructions.
    After confirming your payment, we will confirm your reservation.

    And please NOTE that if the number of participants is less than four, the tour is also be cancelled.

    Tour Detail


    • Enjoy Kyoto cuisine while conversing with the chef at the top-class Ryotei restaurant “Saiki” in Gion, Kyoto.
    • Listen to a talk about Dashi, the basic ingredient of Kyoto cuisine, and taste Dashi (Japanese soup stock) to learn and experience how the basis of the taste of Kyoto cuisine is created.
      You can also learn about the relationship between Dashi and Umami.
    • Sit at the counter and watch the chefs’ knife work in front of them with a real sense of presence.
    • Learn about Kyoto cuisine and its relationship to Kyoto’s culture, festivals and nature.
    • Enjoy not only the food but also the atmosphere of a tasteful Ryotei restaurant.
    • Guide you on foot through the Gion neighborhood where Saiki is located.
    • Also talk about fermented foods and Sake.
    About Ryotei restaurant Saiki

    This is a very unique tour that leaves from Good Nature Hotel, strolls through Gion, and enjoys lunch with a lecture on Kyoto cuisine at Ryotei restaurant Saiki.

    The star of the dish is the seasonal ingredients.

    Saiki’s philosophy is to convey the seasonal climate of Kyoto itself through our cuisines. We hope you will enjoy the freshness, beauty of the skin, aroma, and even the smell of the fragrant earth that only fresh ingredients can release in an emotionally rich and relaxing atmosphere. For example, for each type of Kyo-yasai(Kyoto vegitable), we purchase only enough for that day’s use from contract farmers in different regions, picked in the morning.
    We then select only the freshest ingredients, taking particular note of their firmness and luster.
    These days of careful examination continue repeatedly as the seasons change.
    The Dashi (Japanese soup stock) is what further enhances the flavor of each ingredient.
    We take the time and effort to carefully extract Dashi broth from Kombu(kelp) and dried bonito flakes from the best places in Japan. From the selection of ingredients to the cooking method, no stone is left unturned. That is the Saiki way.

    Greetings from Mitsuru Saiki, owner of Ryotei restaurant Saiki and culinary expert

    I want to provide the most delicious moment for our customers by using the best dashi broth to make our dishes. A “delicious moment” is a moment when you can taste the food with your five senses: sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing, and with the addition of temperature, the six senses. The sound of cooking can be felt with the ears, and each finished dish can be seen and smelled with the eyes. We also want our guests to enjoy the natural taste and flavor of the ingredients on the tongue and in the mouth at the most suitable temperature.

    Mitsuru Saiki


    Stroll through Gion


    Saiki is within walking distance from Good Nature Hotel.
    First, we will meet at the lobby of Good Nature Hotel and take a walk around the Gion area.
    There are 5 Kagai flower towns (Maiko and Geiko districts) in Kyoto.
    One of them, Gion, is the most popular and is crowded with tourists throughout the year.
    The stone pavement of the main street, Hanamikoji, and the traditional restaurants and modern eateries that line both sides of the street offer a unique Kyoto atmosphere.
    Once you step into the alley, you will find back streets with few pedestrians, and you will feel a very quiet and different world. If you are lucky, you may meet Maiko or Geiko.

    Lecture and lunch of Kyoto cuisine at Saiki


    After walking around in Gion, we will arrive at Saiki.
    The main theme of the lecture on Kyoto cuisine at Saiki is Dashi(Japanese soup stock).
    Before the lunch, we will talk about Dashi and have a Dashi tasting.
    The history of Kyoto and Kyo ryori(Kyoto traditional cuisine), its relationship to festivals, and ingredients will also be explained. You will learn about the charm and depth of Kyoto cuisine, which has been cultivated through the long tradition of Kyoto.
    After the lecture, you will enjoy a lunch of Kyoto cuisine while chatting with the owner and the interpreter guide.