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    Hanamikoji street in Gion, one of Kyoto’s five Kagai (Maiko and Geiko district), is the most popular places to experience the atmosphere of Kyoto’s ancient capital. Both sides of the street are lined with traditional restaurants as well as modern restaurants that mix Japanese and Western styles in old buildings, offering an aesthetic balance between the new and the old that is unique to Kyoto.
    The area is especially crowded with tourists during the cherry blossom season in spring. In summer, visitors can enjoy the greenery of willow trees, the sunset reflected on Higashiyama in autumn, and the snowy landscape of the cobblestone pavements in winter when the streets are sparsely populated. It is also close to Kyoto’s representative cultural heritage sites such as Kenninji Temple and Yasaka Shrine, and if you are lucky, you may be able to meet Maiko or Geiko.